We regularly organize raves or fun events in the shop! Organized with Amsterdam organizations or all by yourself.

Upcoming events in 2024

Past events

  • LET'S FAC - Blast Galaxy - 2023

  • No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights when they got enough sleep - so LET'S FAC!

    After the success of 2022, a new edition of LET'S FAC at - Blast Galaxy. As the curtain slowly falls for Blast Galaxy, FAC and Kraft und Licht join forces for a very last party in that building. But don't worry, plans have already been made to throw another fantastic party in the new building!

  • The Party Pitstop - 2023

  • The Party Pitstop continues!

    A household name since 2017! During ADE, FAC Shop is the place for a quick stop to recharge for the rest of your adventure, score a party outfit, meet your rave friends and enjoy the beats of Kraft und Licht. Your must-stop and starting point of ADE 2023!

  • LET'S FAC - Blast Galaxy

  • Kraft und Licht & FAC Shop are steaming up together for a night full of art, fashion and DJ’s who will make you sweat. The party will take place at Blast Galaxy, a one of a kind arcade club located around the corner from the former NDSM shipyards. In between dancing, you get to play close to one hundred arcade games dating from the late 70's, 80's and today, for free!

  • The Party Pitstop - 2022

  • In 2017 begonnen: The Party Pitstop!

    During ADE it's time for a quick stop at FAC Shop to recharge for the rest of your days, get a great club outfit, meet friends and enjoy the music of Kraft und Licht. Your pit stop or starting point of ADE!

  • Restless - De Marktkantine - 2019

  • Out of sight, but certainly not out of mind! Club De Marktkantine in Amsterdam.

    Here too, FAC Shop has turned things upside down. Do you remember Roxanne, the café part of De Marktkantine? Well, the FAC Shop DJs have completely taken over inside and outside for an evening-filling program including a hot tub, a ball pit and wonderful music.