About FAC Shop

Who is FAC Shop?

Freespirits And Clubbers: FAC Shop

FAC SHOP, the Amsterdam hotspot for rave wear, party wear, club wear, festival wear and (y2k) vintage. My adventure started in 2013 at Waterlooplein, and from there we grew into various concepts and pop-up shops. Ultimately I discovered my true passion: the perfect mix of clothing and nightlife.

The spark came after watching a Roxy documentary, where people showed dedication to their outfits for weeks. Roxy, that iconic Amsterdam nightclub with its vibrant parties and unique atmosphere, was the perfect source of inspiration.

Witnessing the commitment of partygoers in their outfits, I decided to bring this passion back to the modern club scene. My desire was simple: I wanted you to flourish again in extravagance and colorful clubbing. Because let's be honest, a new outfit not only provides compliments but also interesting conversations and unexpected connections. That's the secret to a positive vibe on the dance floor.

More than just clothes

At FAC SHOP we go further than just clothing; it is a community where customers become friends and friends become customers. We embrace diversity and inclusivity, and we want you to step onto the dance floor with confidence.

Sustainability and the uniqueness of our garments are of paramount importance to us. With an abundance of labels from vibrant Berlin, we bring the latest hot Berghain and KitKat outfits straight to you, so you don't have to take the train to be in the spotlight.

Let FAC SHOP be your ultimate guide to a world of expression and positive energy!

Love, the FAC SHOP team,

Joëlla and Emily