Testimonial from Esther from Rotterdam

Testimonial van Esther uit Rotterdam

Interview with Esther, FASHION DESIGNER from Rotterdam

What is your favorite rave item? My favorite rave item is my silver sunglasses.

Which parties do you always go to? I I really like African beats, but I will definitely try out some rave parties soon!

What do you like so much about FAC SHOP? The FAC shop has many different and unique club clothing and rave clothing that will immediately put you in the party mood.

Which item from FAC SHOP is still on your wish list? I love the denim print set from Ivy Berlin! (You can also find this techno outfit on our website)

What did you buy in FAC SHOP? I bought a nice crop top with the text 'get it loser, we're having a mental breakdown' by Cherry Kitten. I thought it was too funny to leave hanging. I also bought the pink Barbie earrings, so cute!

Esther wears a sexy clubwear top and a patent skirt with laces from Quasimodo, Rotterdam. Under the skirt she wears an elastic leg harness from Ivy Berlin, a techno clothing brand from Berlin. The black sleeve with fringes was made by The Proud Peacock in Amsterdam and the acrylic link chains were made by Lui Trash in Berlin.

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