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NENA Barcelona

Zwart upcycled denim corset van Nena Barcelona

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Meet SAVVY , a handmade corset made from old Levis 501 jeans denim. NENA Barcelona uses every part of the clothing piece to make the styles. The sleeves are made from the leg opening and the choker is made from the waistband. 

They work with combined sizes as the lace up back enables you to adjust the corset to perfectly fit and flatter your body..

SAVVY is designed to make you feel sexy and powerful however you want to wear it. From KitKat club to Primavera.

You don’t want to wear the same as everybody else. Every item at Nena is unique and numbered in its series, e.g. 1/25. Scan the QR code on the label and find your official NENA Barcelona certificate.