Testimonial with Martina, creative soul from Rotterdam

Testimonial met Martina, creatieve ziel uit Rotterdam

Who are you and what do you do in daily life? My name is Martina and I am from Croatia. I'm currently looking for a job in media/marketing, but when I'm not busy applying for jobs I enjoy taking dance classes, painting, going to raves with my friends on the weekends and generally trying to get as much of my time to enjoy :)

What is your favorite rave item? 
Sunglasses (always)

Which party do you always go to? There isn't a specific one, but you can find me at a techno/dnb rave every now and then.

What do you like so much about FAC SHOP? There are so many funky items to suit different styles and personalities - I think everyone can find something to suit them, whether you're in the rave scene or not!

Which rave clothing and accessories from FAC SHOP are still on your wish list? A few  – the leather jacket from Kill them With Your Color that I wore for the shoot, some tops and jewelry, and a pair of patchwork jeans from Ex Girlfriendshop that can also work outside of raves/clubbing.vrouw met rave top en rok