Testimonial from Gabriel, DJ from Rotterdam

Testimonial van Gabriel, DJ uit Rotterdam

Who are you and what do you do in daily life? My name is Gabriele (Gabi) and I work in the field of sustainability. As a side passion, I have an art and music collective in Rotterdam where we try to combine art performances with music and events. I'm a DJ and mainly play acid techno and fast phased trance.

What is your favorite rave item? My favorite rave accessories are my studded gloves and my go-to sunglasses.

Which party do you always go to? I love industrial techno and rave in general and often go to club Radion in Amsterdam!

What do you like so much about FAC SHOP? Great clothing style, super inclusive and body positive vibe and a cute and welcoming atmosphere.

Which techno outfit from FAC SHOP is your favorite? Defo the rave pants I wore today!

Gabriel is wearing a techno party outfit! The fishnet shirt with sewn chain is from the techno brand Nakt from Berlin. Also the rave harness with silver buckles. The black rave pants with rings were upcycled by La Hana in Madrid.

Boy wearing mesh shirt, harness and sleeves